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Information provided to or gathered by ensembl.org is controlled by the Ensembl Project, a collaboration between the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and the European Bioinformatics Institute, based near Cambridge, UK.

Ensembl.org gathers information about users solely to improve the usability and usefulness of the site, and not for any commercial purposes. No use is made of users' contact information except when directly requested by them, e.g. to sign up for a mailing list or activate a user account. Other information collected during the course of your usage of the site, such as pages visited, may be collected in server log files and used for statistical analysis of traffic patterns.

Use of Cookies

Ensembl and its Sanger-based satellite sites (including archives, Pre! and Vega) conform to the Sanger Institute cookie policy. Please see this document for an explanation of the types of cookies we set.

The specific cookies set by Ensembl are listed below. Note that older archives will not set some cookies as they lack the functionality the cookie was designed to configure.

Cookie Name Purpose Criteria Domains cookie set
__utma Urchin anonymous user tracking* Optional *.ensembl.org, vega.sanger.ac.uk
__utmb Urchin anonymous user tracking* Optional *.ensembl.org, vega.sanger.ac.uk
__utmc Urchin anonymous user tracking* Optional *.ensembl.org, vega.sanger.ac.uk
__utmz Urchin anonymous user tracking* Optional *.ensembl.org, vega.sanger.ac.uk
DNT Do Not Track - Stops the four Urchin tracking cookies from being set Strictly necessary *.ensembl.org, vega.sanger.ac.uk
ENSEMBL_AJAX Availability of AJAX functionality for better page loading Strictly necessary *.ensembl.org, vega.sanger.ac.uk
ENSEMBL_HINTS Preference to have hints boxes on/off Strictly necessary *.ensembl.org, vega.sanger.ac.uk
ENSEMBL_WIDTH Width of dynamic images (data visualisations) Strictly necessary *.ensembl.org, vega.sanger.ac.uk
DYNAMIC_WIDTH Preference to change image size with browser window resizing Strictly necessary *.ensembl.org, vega.sanger.ac.uk
ENSEMBL_WWW_SESSION Associates a browser session with any configuration changes (tracks, favourites, etc.) Strictly necessary *.ensembl.org, vega.sanger.ac.uk
modal Position of modal window on screen Strictly necessary *.ensembl.org, vega.sanger.ac.uk
redirect Allows you to visit mirror sites without being automatically redirected back to your nearest mirror Strictly necessary www.ensembl.org, useast.ensembl.org, uswest.ensembl.org, asia.ensembl.org

* Information about Urchin can be found in the Sanger cookie policy document.

Additional information held in user accounts

All Ensembl data that is publically available for download is also freely available via the website. For the convenience of users we have introduced a wholly voluntary system of user accounts, through which we can offer additional services such as saved configurations and user groups.

Of necessity, all user accounts are accessible to the Ensembl web database administrators. However passwords are stored in one-way encrypted format and cannot be retrieved by staff.

The public release of the Ensembl database includes a blank copy of the user database, for use in setting up a local copy if required. Also, unlike the rest of the Ensembl codebase, the account system can only be extended in limited ways, to prevent abuse of systems that may be less secure than ensembl.org.