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Using the Ensembl data hosted on Amazon AWS

There are two ways of accessing Ensembl data from within Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service.

Public Data Sets MySQL flat-file and FASTA dumps

From Amazon's website:

AWS Hosted Public Data Sets provide a convenient way to share, access, and use public domain or non-proprietary data within your Amazon EC2 environment. Select public data sets are hosted on AWS for free as an Amazon EBS snapshot. Any Amazon EC2 customer can access this data by creating their own personal Amazon EBS volume from a publicly shared Amazon EBS public data set snapshot. They can then access, modify, and perform computation on these data sets directly using an Amazon EC2 instance and just pay for the compute and storage resources that they use.

The lastest release snapshots have been submitted to the public dataset program, amazon will be updating these in due course.

Details of how to access the data can be found at http://aws.amazon.com/publicdatasets/

Pre-configured Single Species MySQL AMIs

We also provide pre-configured Ensembl MySQL EC2 cloud images. These are pre-built images that allow you to run your own private personal single species MySQL instances on EC2. There are images for each of our species; just start one up and connect with the API (or mysql client) just as you would with ensembldb, or useastdb. More details and instructions are provided in this post on our blog.

List of Ensembl MySQL AMIs by Species (AWS useast region)

Ami idNameSize(GB)
ami-5f5b7936Ensembl74 ailuropoda_melanoleuca MySQL AMI17
ami-335b795aEnsembl74 anas_platyrhynchos MySQL AMI14
ami-7b5b7912Ensembl74 anolis_carolinensis MySQL AMI18
ami-215b7948Ensembl74 astyanax_mexicanus MySQL AMI15
ami-b95a78d0Ensembl74 bos_taurus MySQL AMI38
ami-1d5b7974Ensembl74 caenorhabditis_elegans MySQL AMI12
ami-7d5b7914Ensembl74 callithrix_jacchus MySQL AMI18
ami-895a78e0Ensembl74 canis_familiaris MySQL AMI23
ami-5d5b7934Ensembl74 cavia_porcellus MySQL AMI17
ami-075b796eEnsembl74 choloepus_hoffmanni MySQL AMI14
ami-095b7960Ensembl74 ciona_intestinalis MySQL AMI14
ami-1f5b7976Ensembl74 ciona_savignyi MySQL AMI12
ami-9b5a78f2Ensembl74 danio_rerio MySQL AMI20
ami-835a78eaEnsembl74 dasypus_novemcinctus MySQL AMI20
ami-935a78faEnsembl74 dipodomys_ordii MySQL AMI20
ami-855a78ecEnsembl74 drosophila_melanogaster MySQL AMI20
ami-2f5b7946Ensembl74 echinops_telfairi MySQL AMI15
ami-715b7918Ensembl74 equus_caballus MySQL AMI18
ami-475b792eEnsembl74 erinaceus_europaeus MySQL AMI17
ami-735b791aEnsembl74 felis_catus MySQL AMI18
ami-435b792aEnsembl74 ficedula_albicollis MySQL AMI17
ami-3f5b7956Ensembl74 gadus_morhua MySQL AMI15
ami-bf5a78d6Ensembl74 gallus_gallus MySQL AMI25
ami-315b7958Ensembl74 gasterosteus_aculeatus MySQL AMI14
ami-775b791eEnsembl74 gorilla_gorilla MySQL AMI18
ami-a55a78ccEnsembl74 homo_sapiens MySQL AMI594
ami-4d5b7924Ensembl74 ictidomys_tridecemlineatus MySQL AMI17
ami-675b790eEnsembl74 latimeria_chalumnae MySQL AMI18
ami-295b7940Ensembl74 lepisosteus_oculatus MySQL AMI16
ami-595b7930Ensembl74 loxodonta_africana MySQL AMI17
ami-975a78feEnsembl74 macaca_mulatta MySQL AMI19
ami-2d5b7944Ensembl74 macropus_eugenii MySQL AMI15
ami-055b796cEnsembl74 meleagris_gallopavo MySQL AMI14
ami-3d5b7954Ensembl74 microcebus_murinus MySQL AMI15
ami-815a78e8Ensembl74 monodelphis_domestica MySQL AMI21
ami-a75a78ceEnsembl74 mus_musculus MySQL AMI106
ami-515b7938Ensembl74 myotis_lucifugus MySQL AMI16
ami-6f5b7906Ensembl74 nomascus_leucogenys MySQL AMI18
ami-615b7908Ensembl74 ochotona_princeps MySQL AMI18
ami-8f5a78e6Ensembl74 oreochromis_niloticus MySQL AMI21
ami-655b790cEnsembl74 ornithorhynchus_anatinus MySQL AMI18
ami-6b5b7902Ensembl74 oryctolagus_cuniculus MySQL AMI19
ami-0b5b7962Ensembl74 oryzias_latipes MySQL AMI14
ami-4f5b7926Ensembl74 otolemur_garnettii MySQL AMI17
ami-b35a78daEnsembl74 ovis_aries MySQL AMI25
ami-8b5a78e2Ensembl74 pan_troglodytes MySQL AMI22
ami-495b7920Ensembl74 pelodiscus_sinensis MySQL AMI17
ami-1b5b7972Ensembl74 petromyzon_marinus MySQL AMI13
ami-b55a78dcEnsembl74 pongo_abelii MySQL AMI25
ami-275b794eEnsembl74 procavia_capensis MySQL AMI15
ami-235b794aEnsembl74 pteropus_vampyrus MySQL AMI15
ami-bd5a78d4Ensembl74 rattus_norvegicus MySQL AMI27
ami-115b7978Ensembl74 saccharomyces_cerevisiae MySQL AMI10
ami-635b790aEnsembl74 sarcophilus_harrisii MySQL AMI18
ami-3b5b7952Ensembl74 sorex_araneus MySQL AMI15
ami-bb5a78d2Ensembl74 sus_scrofa MySQL AMI36
ami-555b793cEnsembl74 taeniopygia_guttata MySQL AMI16
ami-355b795cEnsembl74 takifugu_rubripes MySQL AMI14
ami-255b794cEnsembl74 tarsius_syrichta MySQL AMI15
ami-375b795eEnsembl74 tetraodon_nigroviridis MySQL AMI14
ami-575b793eEnsembl74 tupaia_belangeri MySQL AMI16
ami-2b5b7942Ensembl74 tursiops_truncatus MySQL AMI16
ami-015b7968Ensembl74 vicugna_pacos MySQL AMI14
ami-9d5a78f4Ensembl74 xenopus_tropicalis MySQL AMI20
ami-995a78f0Ensembl74 xiphophorus_maculatus MySQL AMI20