A summary of experimental sources used in the Ensembl regulation views.

Number of experimentsFilter typeDescription
61ShowAllAllAll experiments
3Add filterESHybCell/TissueMouse Embryonic Stem Cells (hybrid)
9Add filterMEFCell/TissueMouse Embyronic Fibroblast Cells
13Add filterMELCell/TissueMouse Erythroleukemia
5Add filterNPCCell/TissueMouse Neural Progenitor Cells
31Add filterESCell/TissueMouse Embryonic Stem Cells
30Add filterHists & PolsEvidence typeHistone modifications & RNA polymerases
31Add filterDNase1 & TFBSEvidence typeOpen chromatin & Transcription factor binding sites
16Remove filterENCODEProjectThe ENCODE Project