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This view shows the sequences of spliced transcripts for a gene, including EST transcripts and ncRNAs (non-coding RNAs).

The gene sequence is shown above in black, labelled with the gene name. Below, the transcript sequences are colour-coded to indicate the spliced sequences. Exon sequences are coloured according to their coding status: coding sequences are coloured blue and non-coding sequences (including UTRs) are coloured purple. Introns are shown in dark grey.

You can choose which transcripts you want to see by clicking on Select transcripts, which will open a menu listing the transcripts available for the gene, including their biotypes. Selected transcripts will appear in the left-hand column. Click on transcripts in the right-hand column to select them.

You can alter the appearance of this page by picking on Configure this page. For example you can choose to see intron sequence or just to see dashes for the introns, and you can see variants on the sequence, allowing you to compare the effects of different sequence variants on different transcripts.