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In this view, regulatory features are divided according to cell line. The summary infomation at the top shows location and classification information along with details of which cell lines have evidence at this location, in the 'Active in' row.

Details Image

The image is split into cell type specific panels, the first describing the merged 'MultiCell' regulatory feature and the underlying regulatory segmentation analysis.  Additional cell line and supporting evidence can be configured using the buttons above the image, or the usual config icons in the image header.

Evidence for each cell line are grouped into tracks describing 'Transcription Factor and DNAse' and 'Histone & Polymerase' evidence. Peak calls are displayed as blocks, with black triangles above and below the features indicating the position of the peak summit, and the vertical black bars indicate a transcription factor binding matrix(PWM) alignment or 'motif features'. Clicking on the motif features will highlight the relevant rows of the 'Motif Information' table in the pop-up menu, along with other information relevant to that peak. The underlying signal tracks describe a summary of the alignments for a given experiment, base on optimised window sizes.

Clicking on a regulatory feature will also show it's activity status and any associated 'attributes' i.e. any underlying evidence and motif features.

For more about the underlying data, see this article.