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How can I search Ensembl?

Use the search box on the Ensembl homepage, or at the top right of all Ensembl views.

You can search with a:

  • Gene name (Rhodopsin)
  • Gene symbol (RHO)
  • Accession number like a UniProt ID or NCBI RefSeq (OPSD_HUMAN or NP_000530.1)
  • Variant ID (rs1333049 or COSM139481)
  • Phenotype or Disease (glaucoma)
  • Chromosomal region (human 3:129247483-129254012)

Did you know, you can use wild cards?  Taking the example of the gene RHO:

  • RHO* would match RHO, RHOC    (RHO + zero or more characters)
  • RHO? would match RHOC, RHOB   (RHO + one character)

Help and Documentation can be searched from the homepage!  Just type in a term you want to know more about, like non-synonymous SNP.

If you have any other questions about Ensembl, please do not hesitate to contact our HelpDesk. You may also like to subscribe to the developers' mailing list.